5 Questions You Should Ponder To Strengthen Your Brand Identity

Small Biz Silver Lining

There's more to branding than choosing a logo and a color palette. Proper branding distinguishes you from your competitors and provides a reason for your customers to buy from you. It's the first thing that comes to mind when people think of you. It tells the world about you and why... Continue

Business Management

Best Email for Business

Anne Shaw

Live chat, video conferencing, and project management tools have enhanced the way small businesses operate and succeed. Likewise, commercial email providers have long been essential for companies of all sizes—and in all business sectors, from retail to restaurants, and personal... Continue


Managing Employees

Why You Need HR for a Small Business

Dahna M. Chandler

Like most small business owners, you're used to handling all business activities yourself. This includes all HR tasks. In fact, 54% of small businesses handle HR in house. But owners usually give HR work to staff with little practice managing... Continue

Managing Risk


Social media marketing is more than just a trendy buzzword phrase, with tools such as Facebook business pages and Facebook Business Manager going a long way toward leveling the playing field for many small businesses. With such tools in hand, there's no better time for small business... Continue